Trade Fair & Conference: June 23 - 27, 2019 Munich

Laser World of Photonics & CLEO Europe 2019

Visit us at Laser World of Photonics. You find us at the  Berlin Brandenburg joint booth in hall B2, booth 119 from June 24 - 27.

At the accompanying conference CLEO Europe (June 23 - 27) the FBH presents the following contributions:


  • Dual-Wavelength Y-Branch DBR-RW Diode Laser at 785 nm with Adjustable Spectral Distance from 0 up to 1.6 nm (Poster)
  • Passively mode-locked quantum-well semiconductor laser subject to ultra-short optical self-feedback with nanometric fine-delay  (Poster)
  • Efficient Tm:YAG and Tm:LuAG lasers pumped by red tapered diodes
  • Monolithic master oscillator with tapered power amplifier diode laser at 1060 nm with additional control section for high power operation


  • Determination of the residual amplified spontaneous emission in single-mode semiconductor optical amplifiers
  • Widely tunable Watt-level MOPA systems emitting at 976 nm
  • Coherent superposition of pulsed high-brightness tapered amplifiers
  • Wavelength stabilized 905 nm diode lasers in the 100 W class for automotive LiDAR
  • Efficient Narrow Stripe Ridge Waveguide Lasers for Single-Spatial Mode Operation up to 2.5 W
  • Narrower Far Field and Higher Efficiency in 1 kW Diode-Laser Bars Using Improved Lateral Structuring
  • Efficient, High Power Pumps for Mid-IR Solid State Lasers Enabled by 200 K Operation of 808 nm Diode Lasers
  • Optimization of 808 nm DBR RW Laser Bars for Operation at Low Noise and High Reliability


  • Development and qualification of miniaturized, UHV-compatible optical systems for integrated atomic quantum sensors


  • A micro-integrated mode-locked extended-cavity diode laser emitting in the wavelength range around 780 nm
  • Polarisation-resolved investigations of the pico- and nanosecond dynamics of broad area distributed Bragg reflector lasers under very high-current pulse excitation
  • Continuous wave THz source based on an electrically tunable monolithic two-color semiconductor diode laser

Conference - CLEO Europe
Trade Fair - Laser World of Photonics