FBH’s high-performance FET-based THz detectors reach user level

Based on its GaN HEMT MMIC process, the FBH develops state-of-the-art TeraFETs. They work at room temperature with excellent sensitivity, comparable to classical diode-based performance. The THz frequency range is attractive for various applications in biology, medicine and industry.



  • virtual workshop: 30.10.2020

    QTX-4 Quantum Technologies in Space

    The workshop is co-hosted by the Centre for Quantum Technologies, NUS, and the QTX research forum – led by Alexander Ling (NUS) and Markus Krutzik (HU-Berlin and FBH)

  • 01.-07.11.2020, Berlin

    Quantum Future Academy 2020

    The academy for students of natural and engineering sciences was postponed to 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2020 a digital program will take place.

  • Diskussion: 06.11.2020, 13:00 - 14:00 Uhr, Berlin

    Polit-Talk: Paving the Quantum Way

    Live stream: How can the government support companies as well as scientific institutions with developing Quantum Technologies?

  • Conference: 18.-21.04.2021 Berlin

    Save the date - ICULTA 2021

    The 2. International Conference on UV LED Technologies & Applications - ICULTA 2021 - will take place in Berlin, Germany

  • Conference: 10-14.10.2021 Potsdam

    Save the date - ISLC 2021

    FBH organizes the 27th International Semiconductor Laser Conference - ISLC 2021, which will be held in Potsdam.


Talents & Skilled Personnel

Recruiting and securing skilled personnel plays a vital role at the institute - FBH coordinates projects related to:

  • vocational orientation
  • apprenticeship
  • advanced vocational training

The FBH is also the central contact for the respective issues in the Photonics Cluster.

Academic Teaching

Professorships and  teaching assignments

at numerous universities and colleges - on a regional as well as national level