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  • Source:, 28.05.2020 (in German)

    Einzigartiges Messsystem für 5G-MIMO- und Raumfahrtanwendungen

    Am Ferdinand-Braun-Institut in Berlin wurde eine Messeinheit mit maßgeschneiderten Breitband-Mikrowellen-Downconvertern von Keysight Technologies in Betrieb genommen. Damit sind an der Forschungseinrichtung alle Schlüsselkomponenten für ein neuartiges 5G-MIMO-System verfügbar.

  • Source:, 27.05.2020

    Unique measurement system for 5G-MIMO and space applications

    With the delivery of Keysight Technologies' custom-designed wideband microwave downconverters, all key components for the novel 5G-MIMO system are now in place at Ferdinand-Braun-Institut. The system was funded within Research Fab Microelectronics Germany and will enable unique measurements and research.

  • Source:, 26.05.2020

    German Team To Fight Hospital Germs With UVC LEDs

    Joint Lab GaN Optoelectronics, the Ferdinand-Braun-Institut (FBH) and Technische Universität Berlin (TUB) have developed AlGaN LEDs emitting in the far UV spectral range. The LEDs emit at wavelengths around 230 nm and provide more than one milliwatt output power.

  • Press release: 25.05.2020

    Fighting hospital germs with UVC light-emitting diodes

    A novel LED irradiation system developed by the Ferdinand-Braun-Institut aims to kill microorganisms with ultra-short wave UV light – without side effects. Prototype handed over to the Charité for initial testing.



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