Short-Pulse Lasers & High-Speed Laser Drivers

We develop compact laser sources that deliver pulses in the pico- and nanosecond range. We flexibly adapt our short-pulse laser sources to the customer-specific requirements of the application.

These sources use tailored laser designs as well as high-speed laser drivers optimized for high-speed circuits for high output powers based on optimized RF components from our III-V electronics research area. The high-power high-speed switching requirements are nicely in line with the other activities at FBH towards digitization of RF functions, which also rely on fast switching of high powers.

Laser systems in the ns range

The basis of these laser systems are our optimized gain-switched diode lasers. To achieve pulse widths in the ns range and peak output powers up to 100 W, these lasers are combined with our state-of-the-art high-speed laser drivers in a tailored setup.


  • Metrology
  • LiDAR
  • Material and bioanalysis
  • Seed source for material processing
  • Free space communication

Typical parameters

  • Peak pulse powers for 5 ns pulses:
    • 4 W (RW laser, single mode), 18 W (broadened RW laser, M²lat = 2.2)
    • for 905 nm: 30 W (DBR-BA laser), 600 W (DBR-BA laser bar)
  • Wavelengths: 810 nm, 905 nm, 970 nm, 1060 - 1070 nm, transferable to other wavelengths

Compact ps light sources

The ps light sources with integrated pulse picker developed at FBH select very precise single pulses from high-frequency pulse trains of mode-locked lasers. A DBR laser (master oscillator) generates ultrashort light pulses < 10 ps with repetition frequencies of 4.3 GHz, which are coupled into a tapered section consisting of two stages. The first stage is used for pulse selection. In the second stage, the selected pulses are amplified.


  •     Seed source for material processing
  •     Material analysis

Typical wavelengths

  •     1060 nm, 920 nm (840 nm ... 1100 nm are possible)
All-in-one pulse laser source PLS 1030: Gray housing with a button for switching on and off and a button for the laser.
all-in-one picosecond pulse laser source PLS 1030

All-in-one pulsed laser source PLS

With its PLS series, FBH offers very efficient pulsed laser sources based on optical and electronic semiconductor components developed in-house. The all-in-one system consists of a mode-locked laser, an innovative pulse picker element and an optical amplifier. The laser source is ideal for applications as a seed laser in materials processing, especially in conjunction with fiber amplifiers.

Depending on the integrated laser are achieved:

  • wavelengths 1030 nm, 1064 nm, others on request
  • pulse width from 5 to 15 ps
  • freely selectable repetition frequencies from the hertz to the megahertz range
  • pulse peak power over 20 watts