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Laser & UV-LED-Systems

Our devices and modules are used in a wide variety of industrial and research applications. To make them usable for applications, we integrate them into suitable packages, equip them with fiber connection or power supply - depending on the requirements For materials processing and high-energy solid-state laser systems, for example, we manufacture pump modules containing diode laser stacks for short-pulse laser systems in the kilowatt class.

Portable Raman measurement systems for Shifted Excitation Raman Difference Spectroscopy (SERDS) have been developed in cooperation with our Prototype Engineering Lab and have been used successfully many times in the field. Beam source and probe are proprietary as well as software and control electronics. We have integrated these components together with a spectrometer and power supply into a robust case.

In addition, there are various UV-LED irradiation systems - mostly equipped with our own UVC LEDs. However, LEDs from other manufacturers are also possible. Systems were developed for applications in plant growth, disinfection and health care, for example to specifically inactivate coronaviruses or microorganisms such as MRSA.