UV LED Irradiation Systems

We develop UV LED based irradiation systems - adapted and ready for use for diverse applications. In particular, our own UV-LEDs are used, supplemented where necessary by LEDs from commercial suppliers. So far, we have implemented irradiation systems that are used for plant growth, water and surface disinfection, and skin-tolerant UV antisepsis. Further information can be found at our prototypes.

The advantages of UV LEDs at a glance

  • small, compact and robust
  • can be operated at low voltages (mobile applications)
  • can be switched quickly
  • do not contain toxic substances

Thanks to these properties, systems with UV LEDs are already superior in many respects to those with conventional UV radiation sources such as mercury-based gas discharge lamps, although their efficiencies are currently still lower.

Complete value chain in-house

  • epitaxial deposition of the semiconductor heterostructures on different MOVPE machines
  • chip technology in the process line of the FBH clean room
  • mounting of the LED chips in suitable packages with special lens covers
  • design of the overall system (incl. simulation of radiation characteristics and thermal management)
  • fabrication of the electronic and mechanical components including assembly and control software
  • characterization and qualification of the overall system (e.g. radiation characteristics, degradation behavior and definition of ideal operating conditions)

Our current projects


In the joint project CORSA*, SARS-CoV-2 and other respiratory viruses on surfaces and skin are to be inactivated by the use of UVC light. For this purpose, the FBH project team is developing special UVC LEDs with very short wavelengths and suitable irradiation systems. We supply these to the project partners, who investigate the efficiency of the UV-induced inactivation process as a function of wavelength, irradiation dose and virus habitat.

* Inactivation of SARS-CoV-2 by UVC light and compatibility for humans


In the UVdecon* project, we are working with our project partner to further develop an instrument system that identifies SARS-CoV-2 using real-time PCR testing and performs antibody tests. For existing purification units, we develop a suitable UV LED module to decontaminate components of the instrument system by using 265 nm LEDs.

* UV LED for decontamination in detection systems