Miniaturized Laser Modules

We develop compact light sources and miniaturized laser modules, which we supply as precisely tailored solutions for a wide range of applications. These are suitable, for example, for medical technology, spectroscopy, analytics or display technology.

Together with diode lasers, we implement micro-optics for beam shaping or external resonators that stabilize the wavelength. With the highest precision we also integrate electronics for laser control (laser drivers) and frequency-doubling crystals to address further spectral wavelength ranges. On this basis, we also realize oscillator-amplifier combinations, fiber couplings and integrated pulse excitation in small packages.

Coherent high power laser modules

such as DFB- , DBR- or lasers with external resonator are used, for example, in miniaturized Master Oscillator Power Amplifier configurations. We enhance the power with a tapered amplifier and shape the laser beam using microlenses. Subsequent coupling in optical fibers is also possible. Thus, our modules emit high power up to 10 W (free beam) or up to 3 W from a single mode fiber (976 .. 1154 nm). For emission wavelengths of 635 nm and 1178 nm, output powers between 1 and 3 W are possible. The output power can be increased further by beam combining.

GaN ECDL for generating UV laser emission

are used for applications such as laser spectroscopy. In Raman spectroscopy, for example, signals can be spectrally separated from interfering fluorescence and measurement samples can be clearly identified. With spectrally narrowband, blue-emitting light sources, the UV spectral range can be efficiently addressed using diode lasers and frequency conversion. For this purpose, we use commercially available GaN diode lasers and stabilize the wavelength externally using transmissive volume Bragg gratings. Subsequent frequency doubling provides laser emission in the UV spectral range.

Micro-integrated GaN ECDL to generate UV laser emission

Compact single-pass SHG light sources

Spectral ranges that are not accessible via direct emitting diode lasers can be reached by non-linear frequency conversion. Using near-infrared emitting diode lasers and suitable optical crystals, we generate laser emission in the visible spectral range. We have extensive know-how in the microintegration of optical components and the implementation of optical concepts in very compact designs. We therefore tailor our light sources specifically to the requirements of the application. By frequency doubling of dual wavelength lasers or implementing micro Peltier elements we realize tunable laser light sources and systems for shifted excitation Raman difference spectroscopy. Also high power laser modules in the yellow spectral range in closed packages with fiber coupling for time resolved fluorescence spectroscopy or STED microscopy are possible by integration of laser driver electronics.