Raman Measurement Systems

Raman spectroscopy is a proven method for the non-destructive identification of samples. In order to be able to use this method outside the typical laboratory environment and to address further areas of applications, we are specifically developing demonstrators and research modules into complete portable systems. In addition to the light source, optode and spectrometer, our mobile measurement setups also include integrated power supplies as well as software and control electronics developed in-house. Embedded in a robust housing, our Raman systems have already proven themselves under the most demanding conditions. We have already successfully used them in the medical environment and in the agricultural sector for on-site measurements.

Current research projects

Our work and further developments in the field of Raman measurements currently culminate in the Innovation Campus Electronics and Microsensors Cottbus - iCampµs. Here, an application laboratory μ-spectrum is to be established in Cottbus under the leadership of FBH and new spectroscopic measurement methods for future real-world measurement systems are to be developed.

In the joint project Intelligence for Soil (I4S), we are pursuing the goal of developing a portable Raman measurement system for on-site measurements to evaluate relevant soil properties using shifted excitation Raman difference spectroscopy (SERDS). The measurement system based on an innovative dual-wavelength diode laser is currently used for soil measurements in the field in close cooperation with the I4S partners.