Diamond Nanofabrication

Compared to other semiconductor technologies, nanostructuring of diamond has so far been scarcely researched worldwide. In order to use diamond-based technologies in an application-relevant way, comprehensive know-how in process technology must be established and combined with expertise in quantum optics with solid-state nanosystems.

The Joint Lab Diamond Nanophotonics relies on existing work with defect centers in diamond and the unique manufacturing processes at Ferdinand-Braun-Institut. As a result, an unprecedented level of structuring quality, reproducibility and scalability shall be achieved. In particular, diamond nanostructures and photonic circuits will be interconnected using new methods. Such a platform can then be used as a toolbox for the photonic integration of established and new defect centers in diamond.

This advanced platform will enable various applications: extremely bright quantum light sources integrated into a compact package for commercial applications, as well as highly efficient spin-photon interfaces used to demonstrate entanglement operations.

Scanning electron micrograph of a diamond microstructure. The diamond-air interface has the shape of a parabolide (3D). The spin defect center (at the focal point of the parabolide) is coupled to single photons (red wave-like arrows) via optical transitions (red dashed lines). Photons are emitted into the far field, so that almost 50% of the emitted light is directed into the converging lens.

Scanning electron micrograph of a photonic diamond crystal nanocavity with integrated spin defect center. Spin levels (green arrows: "spin-up" & "spin-down") are connected to optical transitions (red dashed lines). They can be used as quantum memories and coupled to single photons (wavy arrow) to create spin-photon entanglements (dashed loop).


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