Custom modules

Tailored laser sources and photonics modules for your individual application

Laser sources are employed in the industry as non-destructive sensors, for illumination or direct material processing. All of these various applications can be addressed with FBH laser modules. Various active or passive photonic components can be included into the modules, each customized to suite the application. User friendly fiber ports (MMF, FMF, SMF, PM-SMF) can be included as well as tailored drive electronics in cooperation with the FBH prototype engineering lab.

The laser modules can operate in continuous wave (cw), quasi-cw or in pulsed mode up to GHz frequencies. Digital or analogue modulation is possible.

Laser modules have been demonstrated in the whole spectral region available with GaAs from 626 nm to 1200 nm as well as between 320 nm and 600 nm using non-linear optics. Currently, laser sources for the mid-IR are under development.

The FBH does not only offer the development of prototypes, but is also capable of small series production. This allows the ability to supply for a small demand of only a few numbers or to bridge the time necessary to start a series production at one of our industrial partners.