Joint Lab GaN Optoelectronics

In the Joint Lab GaN Optoelectronics we develop innovative light emitters based on group III nitrides in close cooperation with the TU Berlin. We use the AlN-GaN-InN material system and realize diode lasers for the violet spectral range as well as light-emitting diodes (LEDs) emitting in the UVB (280-315 nm) and UVC (<280 nm) spectral range. The activities range from the simulation of the devices, their design, the epitaxy of InAlGaN heterostructures and the fabrication of the device chips to their assembly and characterization.

We are developing these technologies further in order to open up new applications with nitride-based diode lasers and UV LEDs. In the case of GaN diode lasers, these applications include atomic spectroscopy or atomic clocks. Customized UV LEDs are aimed primarily at water disinfection, medical technology and gas sensors in the deep UVC range. For this purpose, we integrate the components into application-specific modules and ready-to-use systems.

UVC LED in silicon package with plano-convex quartz lens