Research News 2020

FBH research: 30.03.2020

Optimized buried Bragg gratings for high-power DFB-BA lasers

High-power, highly efficient broad area diode lasers that are wavelength-stabilized by integrated Bragg gratings are in high demand for example for pumping narrow absorption bands in solid-state lasers. FBH has been conducting intensive research leading to continuous improvements of the institute’s DFB-BA lasers.

FBH research: 17.02.2020

Improved thermal management of InP high-power transistors

InP HBT technology is an ideal candidate for microwave applications in the terahertz range. The FBH uses a transfer substrate process to successfully suppress significant parasitic effects. For further improvements, an in-house diamond wafer bonding process was developed to enhance the thermal management of the wafer.