High-Brightness Diode Lasers

Our high-brightness diode lasers combine high output powers with good beam quality while maintaining high efficiency and reliability.  With our optoelectronic research, we succeed in constantly improving these parameters.

To meet your application-specific requirements in the best possible way, we offer tailor-made ridge waveguide and tapered lasers. All our high-brightness diode lasers are also available with wavelength stabilization if required. For this purpose, we use our established surface grating technology.

Ridge waveguide lasers

with a narrow contact strip, in which lateral mode guiding takes place via the index jump of etched mesa structures.


  • spectroscopy

  • pumping of fiber amplifiers

  • measurement & control technology

  • pumping of up-conversion fiber lasers

  • communication

  • optical data storage

  • basic structures for DFB & DBR lasers

Typical characteristics

  • 630 nm to 1200 nm

  • output powers up to 3 W

  • excellent beam quality (M2 ≈ 1)

Tapered lasers

consist of a lateral single-mode ridge waveguide section - the basis for the good beam quality - and a tapered section that enables high output power.


  • open space communication

  • nonlinear frequency conversion

  • health care applications

  • pumping of fiber lasers & fiber amplifiers

Typical characteristics

  • 630 nm to 1200 nm

  • high output power (P > 12 W)

  • good beam quality (M2 < 2)