Quality and Environment

Those who do not strive to be better will cease being good...

Not only big companies, but also small and medium-sized businesses are increasingly outsourcing research services to scientific partners. The established criteria relevant for industrial production must however still be maintained. This means that not only assurances of quality, reliability and constancy of mastered processes be given but that guaranteed time scales and cost effectiveness are ensured.

Due to these demands, the Ferdinand-Braun-Institut has successfully established and maintains an efficienct process-oriented Integrated Management System. Coupled with its monetary controlling system, commercial processes within the field of research and development, technology transfer and research services are organized and monitored systematically by numerical indicators. Thus, processes can be managed reliably and continually improved. Appropriate steps are taken quickly at the Ferdinand-Braun-Institut through its flat hierarchy. Tried and tested industry-compatible instruments such as QFD (Quality Function Deployment), FMEA (Failure Mode and Effects Analysis) and precise control plans already play their role before projects start and contribute to error- and therefore also to cost-reduction.

The profit of these measures is not only to the customer and industry-related research activities but also to the basic research of the insitute. Scientifically relevant results are identified more quickly and more precisely thereby improving the institute's internal standards. And this is the basis for the leading role FBH holds among international competitors, enabling the institute to protect its leading position and to remain competitive.