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Quality & Environment

Those who do not strive to be better will cease being good...

Not only big companies, but also small and medium-sized enterprises are increasingly outsourcing research services and assigning contracts to external partners from the scientific community. The important thing here is that the technological standards that apply to industrial production remain guaranteed throughout the entire value chain. This includes not only transparent and controlled processes, but also adherence to deadlines and cost minimization.

Due to these demands, the Ferdinand-Braun-Institut has successfully introduced an efficient, process-oriented Integrated Management System (IMS). Combined with an efficient controlling system, FBH systematically organizes its business processes in research and development as well as in technology transfer. These processes are monitored based on key figures; they can thus be reliably controlled and continuously improved. Appropriate steering measures are quickly implemented due to the institute's flat hierarchy. Proven industry-compatible instruments such as QFD (Quality Function Deployment) or FMEA (Failure Mode and Effects Analysis) already contribute to minimizing errors and thus costs in the preparation of projects.

Not only industry-related research activities benefit from this organizational structure, but also basic research and development. Scientifically relevant effects can be identified more easily and scientific performance can be increased. This enables FBH to secure its leading position and remain internationally competitive. These measures are supported by the digitization of our processes using a Manufacturing Execution System (MES), which helps us to ensure the efficiency and quality of our results. Manufacturing processes for pilot series and individual products can thus be digitally controlled, documented, and evaluated in our cleanrooms.

FBH - environmental policy

We are committed to the goal of a research institute that is internationally competitive in global markets. This also implies the societal responsibility to protect and preserve our natural resources.

Our measures:

  • We observe and comply with the relevant laws, regulations and official requirements.
  • We use resources such as electricity, heat, technical gases and other raw materials rationally within the framework of operational environmental protection.
  • We ensure the responsible handling of hazardous substances.
  • We reduce the emission of pollutants into the environment to a minimum.
  • We promote environmental awareness among our employees through training and motivation.
  • We regularly inform members of the institute and the interested public.