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Analytics & Measurements

We offer comprehensive know-how and technical resources for complex analysis problems and measurement tasks across the entire value chain. In microwave measurement technology, we perform basic DC and RF characterization of active and passive components for customers and partners.

In addition, complex system- and application-specific measurements are possible, for example for digital power amplifiers, MIMO and terahertz systems. Please contact us!

Material analytics: layer & structure analysis

  • X-ray diffraction - composition and layer thicknesses
  • atomic force microscopy - characterizing surfaces
  • photoluminescence (PL), electroluminescence (EL), reflection and transmission - optical properties
  • photocurrent with spectral and time resolution
  • Hall and CV measurements - charge carrier densities
  • electron microscopy

Further information about our analysis methods.

Microwave measurements

  • DC measurement technology for active components
  • small signal S-parameter measurements up to 1.1 THz 
  • large signal measurements in the frequency domain, load-pull up to 50 GHz
  • large signal measurements in the time domain for dynamic load lines and switching operations
  • isothermal pulsed S-parameter and DC measurements
  • IR and thermal resistance measurements
  • PA and MMIC measurements with broadband signals for power amplifiers and MIMO
  • over-the-air (OTA) measurements (under development)
  • THz spectra and power measurements up to 750 GHz

We usually perform the measurements on-wafer with temperature control, but can also conduct measurement on connectorized modules with coaxial or waveguide interface.

Further information about our characterization capabilities.