Current Projects

The Joint Lab Integrated Quantum Sensors at FBH is involved in the following projects:

  • KACTUS-II: Development of miniaturised, UHV-compatible optical systems for use on atom chips
  • QCHIP: Advanced concepts for integrated optical systems on atom chips
  • CAPTAIN-QT: Ceramic additive manufacturing technologies for applications of integrated quantum technologies
  • VelocimEITer: Development of an atomic ensemble based velocimeter
  • MyoQuant: Integrated quantum-optical magnetometers for magnetomyography on the ISS
  • QUICK3: Quantum photonic components for secure communication with small satellites
  • Inno-QT: Innovation Forum Photonic Quantum Technologies
  • QFA: Quantum Futur Academy

At the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin we support the following projects:

  • SOLIS 1G: Development of strontium-based optical lattice clocks for space applications
  • QUASENS: Development of a quantum sensor based on strontium beams
  • OPUS-II: Development of a strontium beam-based frequency reference for use under zero gravity conditions
  • ROSC: Development of miniaturized gas cell systems and compact rubidium frequency references
  • OG2G: Evaluation of optical clocks and space qualification processes for use on GALILEO satellites
  • OPTIMO-II: Optical quantum memories in space
  • QuMSeC: Quantum memories for secure communication channels of tomorrow's society
  • QUANTUS-V: Ultracold quantum gases and matter wave interferometry in zero gravity
  • DESIRE: Development of a laser system for the search for dark energy in the Einstein Elevator
  • INTENTAS: Interferometry with entangled atoms in space