kW Class Pump Laser Modules

Our pump modules for high-energy-class solid-state laser systems consist of diode laser stacks, whose individual beams are shaped and combined into a beam with high energy density by means of simple optical components. Such modules enable efficient pumping of short-pulse solid-state laser systems (pulse duration 10-6 bis 10-9 s) with high pulse energies in the Joule range. The overall pumping power scales with the number of stacks and emitters up to the kW range.


  • Pumping of high-energy class solid-state laser systems (z. B. Yb:YAG, Nd:YAG) with high pulse repetition rates. Such systems are increasingly demanded in research (e.g. X-ray lasers, attosecond spectroscopy, particle accelarators, material processing)
  • Direct material processing in industry

The FBH is a member institute of the EuPRAXIA-Konsortium.

Wavelengths, Assembly & Typical Data


  • 650 to 1060 nm, e.g. 940 nm for pumping of Yb:YAG thin-disk amplifiers


  • Diode laser stacks with lateral cooling and high conversion efficiency (η ~ 60%)
  • Coupling into fiber

Typical Data

  • QCW operation t= 1 ms, f = 10...200 Hz
  • Optical fiber with 1.9 mm core diameter, NA 0.22
  • Peak output power from fiber > 5.5 kW
  • Electro-optical efficiency ~ 50%
  • Average power from fiber > 1 kW
  • Peak-power without fiber ~ 7 kW