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Quantum Photonic Components

With our Joint Lab Quantum Photonic Components we develope narrow and ultra-narrow linewidth diode laser modules, spectroscopy modules and distribution modules for applications of "Quantum  Technology 2.0" (QT 2.0), especially for deployment in space. To this end, we research novel concepts for diode lasers and components. We advance integration technologies such that proof-of-concept demonstrators can be transferred into industry-compatible prototypes.

The Joint Lab Quantum Photonic Components closely co-operates with the Optoelectronics Department and the Joint Lab Integrated Quantum Sensors. Hence the complete technology and value chain - from modeling of photonic components through hybrid micro-integration of electro-optical setups and physics packages to the system design and operation of quantum sensors is covered.

Fields of Application

The technical solutions are used in quantum sensing and in quantum information processing. Narrow-linewidth laser concepts developed for quantum technologies are also applicable to coherent satellite communication.

Technology Fields

The realization of photonic solutions for application to the quantum technologies requires diverse expertises: from modelling, simulation and design of monolithically integrated photonic systems and their semiconductor technology-based fabrication through the development of compact photonic modules and their ultra-precise hybride micro-integration to qualification for operation space.

The Joint Lab Quantum Photonic Components was established in 2008 at FBH to foster co-operation with the Optical Metrology Group at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, at that time under the name Joint Lab Laser Metrology. Now renamed, it serves as the nucleus of the Integrated Quantum Technology research area at Ferdinand-Braun-Institute, which was set up in 2019.

Selected Publications