III-V Technology

In the III-V technology research area, the FBH bundles its know-how and resources in materials, process technology, and mounting and assembling technology. These form the basis for subsequent device development in the photonics and III-V electronics research areas.  

  • Epitaxy nitrides – heterostructures for UV LEDs, UV photodetectors, violet laser diodes, and GaN transistors. These heterostructures are the basis for the respective devices at FBH. Additionally, HVPE growth processes for AlN templates are developed.
  • Epitaxy arsenides – heterostructures for GaAs laser diodes for device development at FBH as well as for external customers. Also, SAM structures for pulsed laser systems are fabricated.
  • Process technology – processes for a large variety of devices based on GaAs, InP, and GaN on wafers from 2” to 4” in diameter. These are carried out and continuously improved on a process line that is compatible with industry standards, offering high flexibility at the same time.
  • Mounting & assembly – devices are mounted onto heat sinks or into packages to allow for integration into modules and systems.
  • Materials analytics – supports the development of epitaxial growth processes by characteri-zation of heterostructures. These analysis techniques are also utilized for the development of processing and mounting steps as well as for the analysis of root causes for device failure.

We also make our technological infrastructure available to external partners, for whom we carry out process modules, deliver epitaxial wafers or develop and build demonstrator systems.