InP Ultra-Broadband Components

We develop ultra-wideband traveling-wave amplifiers (TWA) and wideband transimpedance amplifiers (TIA) with excellent characteristics. They are realized using our transfer substrate InP-DHBT process.

Travelling wave MMIC amplifier with DC - 175 GHz bandwidth
Simulated and measured results for the DC - 175 GHz

Our TWA achieve high output power Psat > 12 dBm, high efficiency > 10% with a low noise figure NF < 8 dB in a bandwidth > 150 GHz. The designed TIA achieve transimpedance > 50 dBOhm with high output power.

As an example, the figure shows a DC-175 GHz TWA with a gain of 12 dB and uniform linear phase and output power, with P1dB > 8 dBm at 150 GHz and a PAE of 6%.

Cascade of a TIA and a TWA operating up to 110 GHz
Simulated and measured results for the TIA TWA cascade with 1.75 dBGHz gain bandwidth product

Our InP DHBT transimpedance amplifiers achieve very low noise figures with simultaneously high output power and wide bandwidth.

Photograph of the SPDT switch
Simulated and measured results for the MMIC switch

The electronic switches in InP DHBT technology show excellent isolation between ports, very good linearity and low losses. Using InP-TS-DHBT technology, single-pole double-throw (SPDT) MMIC switches with a bandwidth of > 235 GHz could be achieved with cut-off frequencies up to 300 GHz. The linearity with 1dB power referenced to the input is PIN(1dB) > 16 dBm and the isolation is > 40 dB.

Current projects

The goal of the TERAWAY project is to build a comprehensive (fronthaul and backhaul) 5G infrastructure for THz data transmission to and from drones and balloons. The unmanned aerial vehicles will provide 5G or 6G connectivity for large and sporting events where local data traffic is very high.