Wide-Bandgap Electronics Department

We develop and research high-frequency and power electronic devices based on the wide-bandgap semiconductors GaN, AlN und Ga2O3.

High-speed field-effect devices

Our AlGaN/GaN heterostructures enable high-speed field-effect devices with simultaneously high current-carrying capacity and breakdown voltage.

We use them for novel microwave power devices:

High-voltage power switching transistors

GaN, AlN and Ga2O3-based high-voltage power switching transistors enable efficient power converters with increased power density.

Measurements & simulation

The basis for our developments are dedicated measurement techniques and simulation methods for power transistors. These include dynamic characterization techniques, various simulation tools and reliability analyses.

Our focus is on

  • Device simulations: physically oriented as well as thermal and mechanical
  • Device characterization: comprehensive characterization of dynamic properties including heat distribution over extended power transistors and their thermal impedance
  • Reliability analysis with customized test routines