Pulse Laser Sources for LiDAR

LiDAR systems are important components used for environment perception in autonomous driving or robotics. The LiDAR system emits laser pulses that are reflected by objects in the environment and then detected by the system. The shape and distance of these objects can be determined via angle-resolved time-of-flight measurements of the emitted pulses.

Our laser diode portfolio for LiDAR pulse source applications includes high brilliance and high power broad-area lasers as single emitters or laser bars - also with on-chip wavelength stabilization.

These lasers can be integrated with fast-switching laser drivers into a PLS flex prototype that allows convenient adjustment of pulse width, peak pulse power, and frequency. Parameters and wavelengths can be adapted to the respective application.

For LiDAR systems, we realize the required laser light sources that generate pulses of only a few nanoseconds in length. They offer high power and good beam quality at the same time. With our diode lasers, we have built modules that have been successfully demonstrated at industrial partners.

PLSflex - high-power pulsed laser sources with flexible control unit

Compact and flexible pulse laser source with pulses from 400 ps to 20 ns, output power up to 100 W

Our Prototype Engineering Lab manufactures the laser systems tailored to the respective application. Pulse width, output power and repetition frequency can be easily adjusted by the user. The combination of these values and the laser wavelength can be optimized for applications in fluorescence spectroscopy, medicine and mobile LiDAR systems (e.g. for autonomous driving, 3D object detection, laser scanning (airborne, satellite and terrestrial).

The laser sources achieve values depending on the integrated laser

  • optical output powers in the range of 100 W
  • pulse widths between 200 ps and 100 ns
  • pulse repetition frequencies up to 10 MHz