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Tunable & Dual-Wavelength Diode Lasers

Tunable lasers emitting in the near infrared are needed for a wide variety of applications. These include absorption spectroscopy, biomedical imaging, and nonlinear frequency conversion. The basis of these laser sources are integrated wavelength-selective grating structures, which enable narrow-band and spectrally tunable light emission.

Our research activities in this area aim at an extended mode hopping free tunability, a higher output powers as well as an improved beam properties of these lasers.


Sampled grating laser

are based on specially shaped and overgrown grating structures. The controlled detuning of the resulting reflection spectra allows a wide mode hopping-free tunability of the emitted laser radiation.

  • up to 70 mW output power
  • tunable up to 20 nm

Dual-wavelength diode laser

enable the simultaneous or sequential emission of light of two mutually detuned wavelengths out of the same waveguide (Y-laser). This is achieved by combining two lasers via waveguide coupler.

  • realizable as oscillator-amplifier combination
  • source of optical beating signals in the THz range
  • output power up to 300 mW
  • 2 - 4 nm tunability per laser
  • nearly gaussian beam profile