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Transmitters & Receivers

We develop high-performing transmitters and receivers for the mobile communication technologies of the future (5G, 6G), sensor as well as radar applications.

Intelligent transmitters

The needs of wireless communications in the 5G and 6G era are characterized by high bandwidth requirements, MIMO architectures and carrier frequencies in the mm-wave range. For this purpose, frequency-agile and software-defined hardware is required, all this under the constraint of low energy consumption (GreenICT). There are significant synergies with the hardware needed for the so-called digital radar. We, at FBH, address these demands with new transmitter concepts based on digitization of analog functions and switching.

High dynamic range receivers

III-V devices offer inherently higher breakdown voltages than their Si-based counterparts. This allows to realize components with higher dynamic range, which is essential for many applications, from communication receiver frontends to sensing and radar.