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Diode Laser & UV-LED Modules

We offer the complete value chain in chip development in-house and also assemble our diode laser and UV LED chips into modules tailored to customer needs. Whether high power and efficiency, tunable or frequency-stabilized, our compact diode laser and UV modules are optimized for the respective application: from medical technology, (Raman) spectroscopy, analytics and display technology to utilization in LED irradiation systems for disinfection and plant irradiation.

Short-pulse lasers, in which we integrate our diode lasers together with FBH's optimized RF components (laser drivers), deliver laser pulses down to the ps and ns range. They are ideal for LiDAR applications, which are needed, for example, in metrology and for autonomous driving. We supply miniaturized laser modules with or without fiber coupling, frequency-doubled in precisely fitting packages - and with diode lasers and UV light-emitting diodes that are ideally suited to the application.