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Pump Lasers for Space & Satellite Applications

Diode laser pumped solid-state lasers are increasingly used in satellites. For this purpose, we develop efficient and compact pump laser modules that meet the extremely high requirements regarding long-term stability and radiation resistance as well as high vibration and temperature resistance. Here you can find key figures and further information on our robust pump laser modules, which have proven their capability in practical application for many years.

Our pump modules are used in systems for free-space optical data transmission. One example is the EDRS (European Data Relay System) project of the European Space Agency ESA. In this mission, near-Earth observation satellites communicate with ground stations and use geostationary satellites to transmit large volumes of data in real time.

Our lasers are also used on satellites for space-based sensor technology in climate research. In the MERLIN mission, which is led by the French and German Space Agencies, a light-radar system (LiDAR) will be used to map the concentration of the greenhouse gas methane, which is harmful to the climate in the Earth's atmosphere.