Gallium-Nitride Diode Lasers

We develop diode lasers based on the (InAlGa)N material system. We specifically tune their properties to the respective field of application - such as atomic spectroscopy or atomic clocks for integrated quantum technology. For such applications, the lasers must in particular offer narrow-band, temperature-insensitive emission at a precisely defined wavelength. They must also be capable of long-term stable operation with moderate emission powers and good beam quality.

We currently focus our developments on diode lasers with emission wavelengths in the range of 400 to 420 nm:

  • RW diode lasers (RW = ridge waveguide) with ridge widths of 2-3 µm: laser operation from approx. 50 mA, max. emission power approx. 100 mW, CW lifetime of more than 500 h
  • DFB diode lasers (DFB = distributed feedback) and DBR diode lasers (DBR = distributed Bragg reflector) with monolithically integrated high-order surface Bragg gratings: longitudinal single-mode in continuous wave operation
  • External cavity diode lasers (ECDL): their extremely narrow linewidths are of particular interest for FBH's Integrated Quantum Technology

Complete process chain for manufacturing GaN diode lasers in-house:

  • simulation of (InAlGa)N heterostructures
  • MOVPE growth on GaN substrates incl. material analysis
  • chip process technology
  • facet technology
  • chip assembly on submounts and heat sinks
  • characterization, e.g. power-current-voltage curves, spectra as well as far and near fields
  • long-term stress tests