We live diversity - it is an integral part of our institute, one of the internationally leading research institutions for III-V compound semiconductors! 370 colleagues from 30 nations and different ages work for us, people with and without disabilities. When applying for a job, people with severe disabilities are given preference if they have the same qualifications. And women and men have the same career opportunities with us!

We promote international exchange and invite visiting scientists to join us, for example as part of exchange programs. We advertise many job offers internationally. There are many opportunities for scientists from abroad to work at FBH, from short research stays to master's or doctoral theses to postdoctoral positions. We support the foreign colleagues with the necessary formalities around the research stay - and in case of a longer stay we support the integration with language courses. Please contact us!

Perspectives through training!

One industrial mechanic measures a component, another watches.

Since 2015, we have been offering refugees career prospects in the form of an apprenticeship. In the meantime, three trainees with a refugee background have successfully completed their training as microtechnologists. They are now part of the team of technical employees at FBH, and one of them has meanwhile started studying.

We supported them in their integration and career entry with language lessons, targeted technical tutoring and mentors who were always available.