Laser Modules Lab

Miniaturized laser modules are interesting for more and more fields of application. We develop precisely tailored laser modules for medical technology, spectroscopy, analytics or display applications. With the highest precision, we integrate optics for beam shaping, external resonators, electronics and frequency-doubling crystals. On this basis, oscillator-amplifier combinations, modules with coherent beam combination, fiber-coupled modules and integrated pulse excitation with small size are also possible.
The laser modules reliably emit light up to 30 watts of continuous wave optical output power in the NIR range and 1 to 3 watts in the visible spectral range (red, yellow, green and blue). In addition, we are developing pulse sources with integrated electronics (laser drivers) that make it possible to generate very precise and ultra-short current pulses up to 6 amps with pulse widths in the ps range. These optical pulses reach an output power of more than 3 watts.

Our expertise

  • Design of compact laser sources
  • Optical and thermal simulation
  • High precision assembly technology
  • Electro-optical characterization and reliability testing