Power Electronic Characterization

We develop power semiconductor devices in GaN, AlN and Ga2O3 within the framework of our Joint Lab Power Electronics that we operate jointly with the Chair of Power Electronics of the Technische Universität Berlin. This allows us to benefit from the specific strengths of both institutions.

Exemplary on-wafer switching measurement on an AlN-based transistor structure. The graph shows the 950V/10A switching transient.
Test bench at TU Berlin to study the dynamic switiching characteristics of hard- and soft-switched power transistors

In this cooperation, we design the devices, run the technology and perform all measurements aonwafer level. We have also systematically expanded our measurement capabilities in recent years, so that we can now dynamically measure power transistors on-wafer at high voltages up to 3 kV and currents up to 100 A.

TU Berlin characterizes the packaged transistors and the power modules made by FBH in hybrid or monolithic technology under power-electronic operation conditions. Double-pulse or continuos switching measurements with an inductive load to capture the characteristics of power transistors are indispensable for understanding possible degradation or drift effects in power transistors and a prerequisite for power converter design and development.