Virtual Conferences & Exhibition: January 10-15, 2021, Utrecht (the Netherlands)

European Microwave Week – virtual Event

Visit us at European Microwave Week 2020 (EuMW). You will find us at the virtual joint booth of Research Fab Microelectronics Germany from January 12-14, 2021.

At the accompanying conferences (January 10-15, 2021) the FBH presents the following contributions:

The European Microwave Conference (EuMC) 12th – 14th January 2021

  • EuMC07-3D-band Transmission Hub for Point to MultiPoint Wireless Distribution
  • EuMC09-5A 119 GHz Bandwidth Distributed Amplifier with a ±2 ps Group Delay Variation
  • EuMC20-3 Improved Modeling of Radiation Effects in Coplanar Waveguides with Finite Ground Width
  • EuMC58-19 Analysis and Optimization of Packaged Floating-Ground RF Power GaN-HEMTs

The European Microwave Integrated Circuits Conference (EuMIC) 11th - 12th January 2021

  • EuMIC10-2 Simulating Drain Lag of GaN HEMTs with Physics-Based ASM Model
  • EuMIC10-3: Modelling of InP DHBTs in a Transferred-Substrate Technology with Diamond Heat Spreader
  • EuMIC11-4 A W-Band Transceiver Chip for Future 5G Communications in InP-DHBT Technology


  • W-06 EuMIC: Sub-mmWave On-Wafer Measurements
  • W-12 EuMIC/EuMC High-Efficiency Linear Power Amplifiers for High Bandwidth, High PAR Signals


  • W-06 EuMIC: A Practical Guide for Verifying On-Wafer Measurement System Integrity at sub-mm-Wave Frequencies
  • W-18 EuMC Numerical Modelling of On-Wafer Scattering Parameter Measurement
  • W-12 EuMIC/EuMC Discrete Level Supply Modulation with Large Dynamic Wideband Signals