Virtual Conference: 21.-25.06.2021

CLEO Europe 2021

FBH contributions to the virtual conference

  • Miniaturized Master-Oscillator Power-Amplifier emitting at 626 nm
  • Vertical design approach for suppressing power saturation in GaAs-based high-power diode lasers
  • Experimental investigation of nanosecond pulsed tapered-waveguide lasers obtaining extremely high brightness values
  • Experimental investigation of optical feedback from periodically poled crystals for nonlinear frequency conversion
  • Externally Wavelength-Stabilized Single Mode Lasers with 65% Conversion Efficiency and 50 pm Spectral Width at 1 W Output
  • Increased Conversion Efficiency at 800 W Continuous Wave Output From Single 1-cm Diode Laser Bars at 940 nm
  • DBR-tapered lasers at 783 nm with narrowband emission and output powers up to 7 W
  • Advances towards deep-UV light emitting diode technologies

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