Forschungsnews 2017

FBH research: 01.06.2017

Advances in Physical Simulation of Transferred Substrate InP/InGaAs DHBT

Device modeling is crucial for circuit design, thus improving device design and fabrication process. Recent advances in physical device modeling of our in-house transferred substrate InP/InGaAs double heterostructure transistors for THz applications are leading to refined device models.

FBH research: 27.04.2017

Highly efficient kW emission from long-resonator laser bars

Diode laser bars emitting in the 9xx nm range are the preferred light sources for a wide range of industrial and scientific high-power applications. Recent progress at the FBH in epitaxial layer design enables high efficiency in bars with long resonators, as needed for very high power applications.

FBH research: 09.03.2017

Gallium oxide MISFETs for power electronics applications

Gallium oxide is a promising ultra-wide-bandgap semiconductor for future high-voltage power electronics applications due to its outstanding material properties. FBH has now successfully demonstrated transistors revealing the potential of this new material.

FBH research: 24.02.2017

On-chip optical microresonators interfaced with waveguides

FBH is developing compact laser modules with very narrow linewiths suitable for future applications of quantum technologies. Besides advanced DFB laser diodes, passive optical micro components are subject of intense research at FBH.

FBH research: 19.01.2017

A 315 GHz Signal Source in InP-DHBT Technology

Frequencies beyond 300 GHz have been identified as an important frequency range for a variety of applications including future high-speed communications, radar sensors and imaging systems