Forschungsnews 2021

FBH research: 21.06.2021

Highly linear MMIC amplifiers with beyond 1.75 THz gain-bandwidth product

The FBH has developed ultra-wideband MMIC amplifiers with a record gain-bandwidth product of beyond 1.75 THz. They are based on the institute’s InP DHBT technology and provide a very high output referred third-order intercept point >20 dBm and an excellent average gain of 24 dB.

FBH research: 27.05.2021

Extended capabilities – novel ion implanter starts operation

The new medium-current implanter system in FBH’s cleanroom allows an implantation energy up to 500.000 V, a beam current of up to 2 mA and using various ion sources. It also comprises a single wafer substrate holder that can be heated up to 800 °C during implantation.

FBH research: 26.04.2021

Novel tapered RW lasers for high-power LiDAR applications

FBH scientists show 3.3 ns long pulse operation with more than 18 W output power and an excellent brightness from novel tapered-ridge-waveguide lasers. Such lasers generating few-nanosecond-long optical pulses are key components of scanning LiDAR systems.

FBH research: 30.03.2021

Optimization of epitaxial growth based on photoluminescence

Photoluminescence (PL) is sensitive on various characteristics of III-V semiconductors which are related to conductivity and light generation efficiency. The materials analytics group at FBH uses various PL methods to optimize crystal growth for GaN laser diodes.