Network project: Visible Diode Laser for treatment of eye diseases by laser coagulation

Developments within the ViDiLas project aim at an efficient and affordable laser emitting in the green spectral region. This laser source will prospectively enable e.g. the treatment of eye diseases by laser coagulation, including the two main causes of blindness worldwide: diabetic retinopathy (DR) and age-related macular degeneration (AMD).

The concept for this laser with emission in the visible spectral region is based on a frequency doubled tapered diode laser, which generates spectrally narrowband radiation due to an integrated grating. The main task of the project is to optimize the diode laser chip in a way that expensive optical elements in the laser system - like optical isolators – are no longer required. This will make the laser system affordable and therefore also commercially attractive. Due to the intertwining expertise,  the industrial partners enable direct access to the relevant scientific and industrial markets.

The following partners are participating in the project:

  • The Ferdinand-Braun-Institut (FBH) will contribute with its expertise in research and development in the fields of semiconductors, laser beam shaping and efficient SHG in nonlinear crystals with waveguide structures. Tailored semiconductor chips will be manufactured for the purposes of the project by means of simulations, design, and III-V technology. The newly developed diode lasers will then be integrated and tested in highly efficient SHG prototype modules.
  • eagleyard Photonics will contribute with its expertise in commercialization of semiconductor chips and will be responsible i.a. for processing and assembling of the developed diode lasers as well as lifetime assessments.
  • Norlase will add its know-how about diode laser based SHG systems and will be responsible i.a. for development and manufacturing of the frequency doubling laser systems.
  • Pantec GS Systems will contribute with its knowledge of the medical laser market, preparing clinical trial studies according to the regulations. The company is also responsible for marketing activities and the project coordination.

Funding scheme: Eurostars
Project: Visible Diode Laser for treatment of eye diseases by laser coagulation (ViDiLas)
Project no.: 10119
Coordinator: Pantec GS Systems AG

Project duration: 01.08.2016 – 08.02.2019

Project partners: