Network project: Micro module for cw to femtosecond machining

Research and development activities within the MiFeM project aim at innovative and affordable fiber-coupled laser systems, whose concept is based on high-brightness grating-stabilized tapered diode lasers. Their emission is combined spectrally and/or by polarization into one high-power beam. The unique properties of these novel micro-modules enable laser materials processing ranging from continuous wave down to pico- and femtoseconds, either directly by using grating-stabilized tapered diode lasers or indirectly by pumping ultrafast solid-state lasers. Therefore, the project targets one of the largest laser markets and as such is expected to have a global impact.

The following partners are participating in the project:

  • The Ferdinand-Braun-Institut is contributing with its expertise in research and development in the fields of semiconductors, laser beam shaping and efficient fiber coupling. Tailored semiconductor chips are to be manufactured according to the purposes of the project by means of simulations, design, and III-V technology. The newly developed diode lasers will then be integrated and tested in high-power prototype micro-modules.
  • Brilliance Fab Berlin is contributing its skills in integration and packaging and is responsible, i.a., for automated assembly of the developed micro-modules.
  • Spectra-Physics Rankweil is adding its know-how about the ultrafast laser machining market and is responsible, i.a., for the development of novel ultrafast solid-state laser systems.
  • Pantec GS Systems is contributing its knowledge of the medical and laser machining market, preparing clinical trial studies according to the given regulations. The company is also responsible for marketing activities and project coordination.

Funding scheme: Eurostars
Project: Micro Module for cw to Femtosecond Machining (MiFeM)
Project no.: 11440
Coordinator: Pantec GS Systems AG

Project duration: 01.12.2017 – 31.12.2019