Network project: Development of compact RGB lasers for economic holographic laser printer

Meanwhile, digitally generated static holograms are mature enough for commercialization in all sorts of fields including biomedical imaging, scientific visualization, engineering design, art, and advertising. Up to date, the factors limiting the widespread application of hologram printing devices comprise complexity, inefficiency and cost of the required laser light sources. Moreover, wet chemical processing is still required in order to develop the freshly printed holograms.

In this context, the aim of EcHoLas is to enable a semi-professional production of digital reflection holograms by applying two main technologies: diode laser based modules as laser light sources for the holographic printer devices and chemical-free development of freshly printed holograms. Within the project an economic holographic laser printer with all required components and accessories will be developed, which is expected to have a global impact on the digital hologram market.

The following partners are participating in the project:

  • The Ferdinand-Braun-Institut (FBH) contributes with its expertise in R&D in the fields of semiconductors, laser beam shaping, second harmonic generation, and efficient fiber coupling. Tailored RGB Laser modules will be developed for the purposes of the project based on simulation, design, III-V technology, and micro-assembly. The modules will be tested and provided to the project partners for evaluation.
  • Brilliance Fab Berlin contributes with its expertise in integration and packaging and is responsible, i.a., for automated assembly of the developed RGB modules.
  • Geola Digital (Lithuania) adds its know-how regarding holographic services and holoprinters.
  • Pantec GS Systems  will contribute with its knowledge of in-line embossing machines and motion control systems. The company is also responsible for marketing activities and project coordination.

Funding scheme: Eurostars
Project: Development of compact RGB Lasers for Economic Holographic Laser Printer (EcHoLas)
Project no.: 01QE1903C
Coordinator: Pantec GS Systems AG

Project duration: 01.06.2019 – 31.05.2022

Project partners: