High-power micro-modules


In high-power micro-modules, several semiconductor lasers are combined on a compact footprint using wavelength division multiplexing and/or polarization coupling. As a result, high optical output powers can be achieved. The emission is available as a free-space beam or from an optical fiber . The modules can therefore be used both as pump sources for solid-state lasers and in direct material processing. In addition to the optical concept, the thermal design is decisive.


  • Material processing
  • Pumping ultrafast solid-state lasers
  • Medication injection without syringes


626 nm .. 1180 nm

Technology and mounting

  • Chip design optimized for module integration
  • Semiconductor layer structures using MOVPE
  • Laser chip technology including surface gratings
  • Optical design and thermomechanical management
  • Hybrid integration of active and passive elements
  • Precision assembly on individually adapted inlay
  • Spectral coupling and polarization coupling
  • Integration of electronics for pulsed operation
  • Fiber coupling (single-mode fibers, 20-µm low-mode number fibers or multi-mode fibers)

Typical data

  • High optical output power of up to 35 W (free-space beam,  M² < 3)
  • Excellent beam quality
  • Compact design