Coherent NIR laser modules with high output power


Laser sources with high coherence like DFB, DBR lasers or lasers with an external cavity are mounted in a miniaturized master-oscillator power-amplifier configuration, for example. The amplification is realized by a tapered amplifier, whereas the beam shaping is done using micro lenses. A subsequent coupling into optical fibers is possible, too.


  • Medicine
  • Printing industry
  • Sensor systems
  • Efficient pump source for solid-state lasers
  • Laser display


626 nm .. 1178 nm

Technology and mounting

  • Semiconductor layer structures deposited by MOVPE
  • Laser chip technology including surface Bragg gratings
  • Optical design and thermomechanical management
  • Precise mounting on micro-optical bench
  • Fiber coupling (into single-mode, low mode number and polarization maintaining fibers)

Typical data

  • High optical output power of up to 10 W ex diode or up to 3 W ex single mode fiber (976 .. 1154 nm)
  • Output power of 1 .. 3 W for emission wavelength of 635 nm and 1178 nm, respectively
  • Excellent beam quality
  • Longitudinal single mode
  • Linewidth below 1 MHz
  • Compact foot print of about 10 cm3