Laser Modules Lab

The development of miniaturized laser modules are of importance for an increasing field of applications. Therefore, customized laser systems are developed for medical technology, spectroscopy, chemical analytics, or display applications. Optics for beam shaping, external resonators, electronics and crystals for frequency-doubling are integrated very precisely. On this basis master-oscillator power-amplifier, fiber coupling and integrated pulse excitation are available on a small footprint.

These laser modules are supposed to achieve 10 Watt of continous wave output emission in the near infrared spectral range and 1 to 3 Watt in the visible spectral range, respectively. In addition, pulse sources are developed, whose electronic circuits allow to generate very precise and ultra-short current pulses up to 6 Ampere with pulse widths in the ps-range. These optical pulses achieve output powers of more than 3 Watt.