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Paper on optimized 233 nm UV LEDs among APL's top publications

FBH news: 03.01.2022

The publication "Milliwatt power 233 nm AlGaN-based deep UV-LEDs on sapphire substrates" by Neysha Lobo Ploch et. al. is among Applied Physics Letters' (APL) top 10 trending articles. The paper by authors from the Ferdinand-Braun-Institut, TU Berlin and UVphotonics deals with the technological improvements of these UV LEDs along the complete process chain. Thanks to the optimizations, it has been possible to significantly increase the output power and efficiency of the LEDs emitting in the deep-UV spectral range. Chip assembly with a UV-transparent lens additionally ensures strong bundling of the emission.

The developments were funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research within the "Advanced UV for Life" consortium and the German Research Foundation in the Collaborative Research Center 787 "Semiconductor Nanophotonics".

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