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Very good & at times even excellent – Ferdinand-Braun-Institut successfully evaluated

FBH news: 13.07.2022

"Very good, at times even excellent" – this is how an international group of experts assessed the research results of the FBH in their evaluation report. In its statement dated July 12, the Senate of the Leibniz Association therefore recommends the unconditional continued funding of the Ferdinand-Braun-Institut by the Federal and State funding authorities.

In December 2021, the Ferdinand-Braun-Institut was reviewed. The evaluation report, which is now available, emphasizes not only the excellent research, but also the institute's " outstanding results in the field of technology transfer" – documented by an "impressive number of patents," spin-offs, the close cooperation with industrial companies and, last but not least, the exceptionally high share of industrial and public third-party funding. Also highlighted is the state-of-the-art infrastructure in the two cleanrooms.

With regard to the future-oriented focus of the Ferdinand Braun Institute, the reviewers also found appreciative words, "the venture into quantum technologies in a new research area was a very good strategic decision." At the same time, they acknowledged the achievements over more than 25 years of the departing Director Günther Tränkle, "He has led the institute extremely well and has developed it into one of the top institutions in the field of semiconductor technology."

The review panel also highlighted the very good working conditions and career-promoting measures for young researchers and postdocs. As suggested by the panel, FBH intends to further increase the number of PhD students and the proportion of female scientists and managers in the course of the upcoming generation change at the executive level.