We live diversity - it is an essential part of our institute, one of the leading international research institutes for III-V compound semiconductors! Currently, we employ over 350 colleagues from around 30 countries.

In filling our vacancies, we address a broad and international audience. There are many opportunities for international scientists to work at the FBH, ranging from short research stays to master's or doctoral theses and postdoctoral positions. We provide our international colleagues with comprehensive support during their stay and offer them free language courses in German and English.

Our value for diversity extends beyond cultural and ethnic differences. We are actively committed to the integration of people with disabilities and give them priority in job applications if they have equal suitability. It is also a fundamental principle for us to offer equal opportunities to all genders and to actively promote them.

As an act of our genuine commitment to diversity and inclusion, we have signed the "Charta der Vielfalt". This certificate represents our engagement to create a working environment that values and promotes diversity in all its facets. With our signature, we are committing to the following diversity dimensions:

Our teams are mixed in terms of age. We make sure that all generations treat each other with respect. Thanks to our flexitime arrangements and the option of mobile working, we create an environment in which there is space for our employees' individual health care.

FBH is known for its diverse teams. We are actively committed to raising our employees' awareness of cultural differences. It is important to us to create a working environment that makes everyone feel comfortable and welcome.


Gender equality has a high priority at our institute. We are proud to carry the TOTAL E-QUALITY certificate, which underlines our commitment to promoting equal opportunities.

Our engagement to gender equality in technical professions is exemplified by our cooperation with EnterTechnik. The program gives young women the opportunity to experience technical professions as part of a voluntary technical year. This cooperation also allows us to provide insights into our training professions and actively promote the technical skills of young women.

FBH has a dedicated contact person for inclusion issues to ensure that severely disabled people are adequately supported. During the application process, we make sure that individual needs are taken into account to provide an accessible and respectful environment.

Our institute offers mentoring programs, regardless of a person's social background. By supporting people with different levels of education, offering them training and further education, we promote a wide range of talents. We work closely with the Bildungswerk der Wirtschaft in Berlin und Brandenburg (bbw) in order to help graduates of the electrical specialist training course to successfully integrate into the labor market.

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