Technology Transfer at FBH

Valorization of research results is part of the research assignment of the Ferdinand-Braun-Institut – the significance of technology transfer is accordingly high at the institute. More than 230 projects have been handled by FBH in 2018, many of them in close cooperation with the industry but always with an eye toward subsequent applicability.

The FBH continuously works with more than 50 industrial companies in the frame of research and development assignments as well as R&D services. It maintains long-term strategic partnerships with corporations including Bosch, Infineon, Jenoptik, TESAT Spacecom, and Trumpf. Additionally, the institute is an essential part in the value chain of many national and regional companies and thus promotes their market success. With its Prototype Engineering Lab, the FBH additionally offers its partners easy access to state-of-the art research results – by means of functionally-efficient models and prototypes.

Leading in strategic clusters and networks

The FBH plays a leading role in many regional, national as well as international networks and joint research projects. Activities comprise joint efforts regarding knowledge and technology transfer within the Leibniz Association; FBH director Günther Tränkle is a board member of the Photonics Cluster of Berlin and Brandenburg. And the branch and coordination offices of various networks and consortia (e.g., Advanced UV for Life) are located at the institute’s Science Management Department.

Successful valorization by means of spin-offs

FBH’s utilization and transfer activities led to eight successful spin-offs in recent years.

Transfer via "heads"

  • Collaboration with industry & spin-offs
    A considerable number of FBH’s scientific staff, such as PhD students after graduation, changed to industrial partners of the institute or founded their own companies. Some co-workers of FBH spin-offs have workplaces at the institute and access to collaboratively used laboratories and equipment. Joint qualification of staff has also been an issue as, for example, by means of cooperative PhD procedures.
  • Chairs & Joint Labs
    Basic and application-oriented research are crosslinked by joint professorial appointments and strategic cooperation models with universities (Joint Labs), at the same time transferring know-how to the academic offspring.

Comprehensive patent portfolio

The portfolio of the FBH currently comprises more than 280 patents (effective 31.12.2018).