Special Optical Devices

The high competence of the FBH on metalorganic vapor phase epitaxy and the precise and high-purity deposition of complex semiconductor heterostructures allows for the realization of optical and optoelectronic devices beyond the core business of edge emitting, monolithic and hybrid diode lasers.

Devices with distributed Bragg reflectors

Based on the GaAs materials system FBH develops devices with distributed Bragg reflectors (DBRs):

  • High-purity DBRs are used in metrology for next generation atomic clocks as well as for precise measurements in quantum electrodynamics.
  • For the generation of ps and fs laser pulses, saturable absorber mirrors (SAM) are developed together with partners. They apply them in commercial short-pulse solid-state laser systems.
  • The competence on surface emitting laser diodes (VCSEL) is momentarily not utilized in projects, but instantaneously available.


Based on the AlGaN materials system, photodetectors covering the spectral range form near UV to deep UV are developed. Their features, solar blindness and robustness against high-energetic irradiation, enable a broad spectrum of applications. For the UV-B and -C ranges AlGaN MSM detectors (metal-semiconductor-metal) are developed, which feature low dark currents in the pA-range and high quantum efficiency of up to 70% at low bias voltage.