Process Modules

Since many years, FBH successfully provides external customers with handling services of individual process steps and process modules in the institute's flexible and industry-compatible III-V compound semiconductors process line:

Basic parameters

  • Equipped process line for microwave and optoelectronic components
  • Wafer sizes 100 mm, 3" and 2 "wafers and wafer pieces
  • Special equipment in the process line
    • I-line wafer stepper
    • Electron beam exposure system
    • Laser micromachining tool
    • Plasma etching tools ( RIE and ICP )
    • Ion implanter

Target groups

  • Supporting your production of high-level components by individual processes and process modules
    • Volumes up to 50 wafers per week
    • Short wafer return times by order processing in a two-shift system
  • Research / development / prototyping
    • Proven FBH standard processes can be used as good starting parameters for a fast process development
    • Flexible process line allows for easy enlargement of the wafer diameter after completion of development
    • Customer support with engineering services (e.g. simulation, process development according to customer's needs)


  • PECVD SiNx deposition on customer's wafers, volume typ. 10 wafers per quarter
  • Ridge structuring of RW and BA laser wafers, volume typ. 10 wafers per month
  • Dicing of special wafers for X-ray lithography, volume typ. 2 wafers per month
  • Metallization of wafers for optical measurement technology, volume typ. 50 wafers per quarter
  • Processing of photodiodes on SiC
  • ...