Lithography up to sub-µm

FBH provides customers with solutions for problems in the field of semiconductor restructuring:

Basic parameters

  • Electron beam lithography
    Vistec SB251: 50 kV, max. 20 A/cm2, resolution ≤ 50 nm (isolated line in resist), wafer up to 200 mm
  • Projection lithography
    Wafer stepper Nikon Body 12: i-line (wave length 365 nm), resolution up to 0.45 μm
  • Contact lithography
    Mask aligner Süss MA 100M & EVG 420: resolution up to 1.0 μm
  • Utility layer-free structuring with a shadow mask at low structure size requirements


  • Structuring of photonic crystals
    • Flexible substrate wafer sizes from 4" to pieces
    • Exposure with electron beam or wafer stepper or as a combination of both processes
    • Embedding of lithography service in a process line with the option of combining the service with plasma etchimg
  • Structuring of gates for microwave transistors
    • Electron beam gate processes based on GaN available, GaN embedded gate 0.25 µm and 0,5 µm
    • Optical gate lithography up to 0.5 µm gate length
    • Integration in a III-V process line, short wafer return times by order processing in a two-shift system
  • Resist structuring for semiconductor processes
    • High reproducibility by coating and development process on process robots
    • Process standards for coating thicknesses of 0.5 μm to 50 μm, exposure with i-line and broadband, positive, negative and reverse coatings available, Front - to - backside alignment possible
    • Free choice of substrate wafer size from pieces up to 4'' wafers
    • Process experience also with more materials such as ZnO, LiAlO2 etc.
  • Utility layer-free structuring of e.g. metal structures
    • Realization of shadow masks by laser micro structuring directly from the CAD data
    • Sharp figure by avoiding mask deformations caused by mechanical machining and heating input during production
    • All-in-one solution including evaporation or shadow-mask manufacturing supplied as service