Epitaxial Services

FBH offers the realization of customer-specific semiconductor layer structures based on GaAs and InP as well as GaN. As an epiwafer foundry, the institute realizes layer structures according to customer's requirements using mature epitaxy processes in an excellent quality. Together with customers, FBH also develops new process steps and products for specific purposes.

The following epitaxy systems are available:


For GaAs epitaxy:

  • 1 reactor Aixtron 200/4 (3x2" or 1x4")
  • 2 multi-wafer reactor AIX 2800G4 (12x4")

 For GaN epitaxy:

  • 1 reactor AIX 200/4-HT (1x2")
  • 1 multi-wafer reactor AIX 2600G3 (11x2" or 8x3")
  • 1 multi-wafer reactor AIX 2600G3 (8x4")
  • 2 multi-wafer reactor TSCC (6x2")
  • 1 horizontal HVPE reactor for thick AlN layers

Beside the production of layer structures FBH also offers in-depth characterization as well as device-level qualification of layer structures for optoelectronic and electronic device level.