Transfer Initiative YELLOW (project duration: from 1/2013 to 12/2017)

YELLOW - Hybrid laser light sources for novel medical and biological sensing applications

The InnoProfile Transfer initiative YELLOW targets the development of efficient laser sources to excite substances in the yellow wavelength region between 550 nm and 590 nm. The free choice and tunabilty of the emission wavelength of the laser sources will be a significant advantage compared to existing Solutions.

The modules concept is based on frequency doubling the infrared radiation of highly brilliant diode lasers emitting in the spectral range between 1100 nm and 1180 nm. The combination with micro-optics allows a miniaturized assembly on micro-optical benches on length scales of a few centimeters. Due to these properties the laser sources are suitable for mobile applications.

YELLOW allows to use established structures and developments of the preceding InnoProfile initiative "Hybrid Diode Laser Systems" (from 2007 to 2011), especially the flexible technology platform for the assembly on micro-optical benches and non-linear second harmonic Generation.

Objectives in detail

Development and optimization of chip technology for diode lasers with wavelengths > 1100 nm

The most critical challenge is the epitaxial growth of thin layers for laser structures with emission wavelengths > 1100 nm which have to fulfill multiple goals. Here, one aim is an optical output power of more than 5 W in continuous wave operation with highly stable wavelength and output power. Simultaneously, the laser structures have to enable short pulse operation in the picosecond range for yellow-emitting modules for time-resolved fluorescence spectroscopy. This requires processing of different resonator geometries to achieve these different modes of operation.


The work package aims at developing a sealed package for the mirco-optical bench with a fiber port and an integrated feedback loop. IThis is due to the tight specifications concerning stability of wavelength and output power for future mobile application of the modules .

Training and qualification of personnel and regional profile development

The FBH provides several internal and external offers regarding qualification, further training, and knowledge transfer.

The initiative has a budget of 2.15 million Euros over a five-year period, 80% thereof are funded by the BMBF. Industrial partners, which are highly interested in the results, defray the remaining expenses of 20%.

The BMBF gives an overview of the project YELLOW and publishes first results (available only in German).