InnoProfile - Qualification, Further Training & Knowledge Transfer

Internal offers

We qualify our team by constant internal training measures such as colloquia and seminars, which are held at the institute. These events are also used as an occasion to present results of the InnoProfile-Transfer project "FaBriDi". Thus, we ensure know-how transfer both, within the institute and for interested parties from external - these events as well as the periodically held status seminars are open to the public.

In addition, we train Ph.D. students together with our industrial partners within the InnoProfile initiatve and further educate staff members jointly with the companies. In order to enable our co-workers to develop individual research profiles, we offer them the opportunity of joining national and international conferences, workshops, training courses and fairs.

External Offers

The InnoProfile-Transfer project "FaBriDi" runs a module for students and company representatives each time during the annual ZEMI summer school as well as during the summer university, organized by the OpTecBB network every two years. As a result, during the last two years, more than 20 interested persons got acquainted with actual results of the junior research group.

We also offer the opportunity of internships, diploma, bachelor and master thesis' as well as doctoral thesis' - as a matter of course, this offer also applies to team members who would like to upgrade their qualification.

For the information of the interested public and in order to inspire scientific offspring for natural sciences, the group is actively involved in events such as Girls’ Day, Science Night and particularly a laser study group. This laser group is organized within a school cooperation between Ferdinand-Braun-Institut and Alexander-von-Humboldt-Gymnasium, a secondary school offering special classes with emphasis on mathematic and scientific topics. In addition to scholar instructions, pupils who picked physics as intensive course are offered the opportunity to learn more about lasers and how to practically implement this knowledge.