Transfer Initiative FaBriDi (project duration: from 6/2012 to 5/2015)

FaBriDi - fiber-coupled highly brilliant diode laser - Berlin

In the frame of the InnoProfile Transfer Initiative "FaBriDi" the FBH together with regional partners has developed industry-compatible, miniaturized diode laser modules with fiber ports. These development are based on the results of the earlier InnoProfile initiative "Hybrid Diode Laser Systems" (from 2007 to 2011).

The initiative aimed to integrate diode laser chips with high spectral brightness into an industry-compatible, standardized housing (e.g. butterfly package), which provides an electrical interface and an optical fiber port. This new concept reduces complexity and hence leads to significantly easier usage and system integration.

The goal was to achieve reliable emission from demonstrator modules with an optical output power of 5 W from a low mode number fiber, and 4 W from a single-mode fiber. This exceeds currently available diode laser sources by a factor of five to ten regarding brightness (i.e. radiance) and brilliance (i.e. spectral radiance).

Detailed work packages:

  • Design of industry-compatible demonstrator with efficient thermal management and optimized fiber port
    • Selection of fiber and optical system design
    • Selection of materials and processing technology for the modules
  • Improvements in chip technology
  • Packaging of industry-compatible demonstrators
  • Characterization and analysis of the modules for future system integration
  • Training and qualification of personnel and regional profile development

The InnoProfile Transfer Initiative "FaBriDi" was supported by the BMBF with 0.87 million Euros over three years, starting June 1, 2012. This funding was used for developments regarding design and characterization of the laser modules as well as for improving wafer technology, assembly, and processing.

The BMBF presents the project FaBriDi in an overview and the results in its 'Blickpunkt' publication (both articles are only available in German).