InnoProfile - Results

  • Development of semiconductor layer structures and optimization of chip technology
    • NIR: reliable output power of 15 W (cw) from 96 µm wide broad area laser [paper]
    • Red spectral range: optimized growth parameter [paper]
    • 1 W at 635 nm from a BA laser with 60 µm stripe width and > 3 W at 660 nm from a 100 µm stripe
    • 0.79 W at 640 nm and 1.5 W at 660 nm from tapered laser [paper]
  • Design of high-brilliance lasers for optical output powers > 5 W with good beam quality (M² < 3) and spectrally narrow emission in the NIR spectral range
    • DBR tapered laser: high optical output power up to 12 W with excellent beam quality and narrow spectral emission [paper]
    • High-precision assembly of semiconductor components and optics on a micro-optical bench
    • Hybrid master-oscillator power-amplifier (MOPA) on a micro-optical bench [paper]
    • Pulsed laser sources with Pmax > 20 W [paper]
    • DBR RW with 1.4 MHz linewith [paper]
  • SHG concepts
    • SHG bulk
    • SHG bulk 1d/2d waveguide
    • gradient heater
  • Concept and realization of laser systems in the visible spectral range
    • Study of the influence of the beam quality on the conversion efficiency [paper]
    • More than 1.5 W optical output power at 488 nm in a laboratory experiment
    • 1 W at 490 nm from a micro module [paper]
      • 100 mW at 633 nm from a micro module [paper]
      • 0.7 W @ 640 nm with beam shaping [Optik & Photonik in german]

Activity Reports

Periodically we compiled short reports introducing highlights of our latest research. As the reports are published in German language please switch to the German website. If you wish to receive information in English language please send an e-mail to katrin.paschke(at) .